Flight 93 Memorial

The Visitor's Center at the Flight 93 Memorial will officially be dedicated tomorrow.  I remember that morning hearing that one of the planes had crashed in Pittsburgh.  Of course no one knew what was happening - it was all unfolding in terrifying real time.  The plane crashed near Shanksville, PA, not too far from the PA turnpike.  Since I travelled the PA turnpike quite often in those years, I figured out with Dad where Shanksville was and on one trip I went to see the site, though the park had not been developed at that point.  Western PA is the place that feels like home to me.  It's peaceful and beautiful and vast, with rolling hills and farmland and spectacular fall foliage.  Hopefully a peaceful resting place.  

Here's what Paul Murdoch, the architect of the memorial said about it:

“In its raw severity, we acknowledge their sacrifice. In its solemn darkness, we acknowledge their loss. In its calm serenity, we offer solace at their final resting place. And in its monumental scale, we praise their heroic deeds.”

'Soaring Spirit' climbing rose planted in the 'Remember Me' memorial rose gardens and also in my backyard in remembrance of those who lost their lives on 9/11